TAFER is an organization that aims to help undergraduates, Ph.D. students or researchers to find financial and other support.

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In France, about 67,000 PhD students are registered in graduate schools. The majority of Ph.D. positions are financed by personal studentships. Those are either from the Ministère de l’Enseignement superieure et de la Recherche (contrat doctoral, CIFRE or ATER) or from the regions (e.g. 90 from PACA each year). But additionally there is a huge number of associations and private institutions providing studentships, bringing the number of possibilities for financing a Ph.D. up to almost 1,500. Nevertheless, those studentships have very different application criteria, and belong to different research disciplines, making it difficult to find an appropriate studentship for each candidate.

Also for undergraduates and master’s students, numerous sources of financial support are available. The best-known provider is CNOUS/CRUS (Centre National/Regional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires), which offers financial support based on social criteria or excellence. Besides this, there are private companies and associations offering studentships, as well as regional and European grants.

In line with the objectives of the association, the projects we support are diverse. One project, for example, focuses on the creation of a search engine for studentships and fellowships in France, while another tries to establish a personal coaching system for students and Ph.D. students to help them find financing. A more detailed description of the projects we support can be found in the “projects” section of this website.


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